Thursday, December 1, 2016

Day 1- To Begin.

Well I worked on trying to achieve some of my goals.
First off got up and took my daughter to school.  I came home and did my devotions.  I then called the Lawrence Co. Circuit Court to see if the fee had been waived where I filed my appearance and answer for the dissolution of my marriage, it was.  God is Great!. I then became scatter brained throughout the whole rest of the morning.  I took pictures for my before on the weight loss journey.  I also took a couple up close pictures of my face as I work on trying to clear my face up some from acne and age spots.  I also took a picture of my hair so I can see how long it has gotten later on.  Once I got these done I then decided I was going to start working on a sewing project and I did I got the pieces cut out I started to sew it and then my moms machine started to act up on me so after breaking one needle and the fabric getting caught a few times I decided to move onto something different.  I put a honey, cinnamon and nutmeg mask on my face.  After that I used a baking soda and water paste on my face.  I had planned on using coconut oil after but I can't find my coconut oil so now I am using some old night cream to keep moisture in over night.  After that I applied to about 20 different jobs.  I then went to get my daughter from school and came home and filled out some questionnaires a few places had sent me. We also put ornaments on the tree today.

May God Bless You,