Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sickness Please Go Away!!!

Well I find myself wide awake at 3 o'clock in the morning.  This is from sleeping probably 32 of the past 48 hours due to being sick since last Friday.  The other is the storms that moved in which made my puppy nervous and have an accident which involved giving him a bath. Now I find myself awake and not really wanting to go to bed because it will be hard for me to get up when I need to so i can get the little one to school.  Instead I find myself researching everything from LuLaRoe outfits, to KetoDiet Recipes and interview tips.  I have a job interview coming up on Thursday and I am hoping for the best.

Time to go.


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why Bother?

There are times in my life when I think to myself "Why Bother?"  This is when I start going down my depression train of thought.  I think of things like how every ex has left me,  how I am struggling to find a job,  how i don't have maybe one or two friends who actually make and keep plans with me.  This week has been tough.  I found myself wanting to lay in my bed with the dog cuddled in and just sleep the day away after I take my daughter to school.  This would be easy to do and to just accept and let that be my life.

Today was a different day it was 71 and sunny.  I opened up the windows and just sat with a coloring book coloring a picture that stated "Enjoy your journey"  This made me think about my journey.  Yes I have had several things I could play the poor me game on but that gets me nowhere but laying in my bed.  All that will just keep me in the same rut I am in.  I want it to change I got to be the change no one else can do it but me.

How do I do this?  I  forgive those who hurt me.  I keep myself from going to bed once I drop my daughter off to school.  I create a schedule and stick to it.  This includes working on a meal plan and going on a diet.  I also need to work on getting in shape mentally.  This will include spending time in meditating.  I also plan on getting in shape spiritually by continuing my daily devotions and talks/ prayers with God.

Will I succeed at all of this.  Yes.
Will it be right away.  Probably Not I may stumble along the way.

Time To go for now.
May God Bless You.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Day 1- To Begin.

Well I worked on trying to achieve some of my goals.
First off got up and took my daughter to school.  I came home and did my devotions.  I then called the Lawrence Co. Circuit Court to see if the fee had been waived where I filed my appearance and answer for the dissolution of my marriage, it was.  God is Great!. I then became scatter brained throughout the whole rest of the morning.  I took pictures for my before on the weight loss journey.  I also took a couple up close pictures of my face as I work on trying to clear my face up some from acne and age spots.  I also took a picture of my hair so I can see how long it has gotten later on.  Once I got these done I then decided I was going to start working on a sewing project and I did I got the pieces cut out I started to sew it and then my moms machine started to act up on me so after breaking one needle and the fabric getting caught a few times I decided to move onto something different.  I put a honey, cinnamon and nutmeg mask on my face.  After that I used a baking soda and water paste on my face.  I had planned on using coconut oil after but I can't find my coconut oil so now I am using some old night cream to keep moisture in over night.  After that I applied to about 20 different jobs.  I then went to get my daughter from school and came home and filled out some questionnaires a few places had sent me. We also put ornaments on the tree today.

May God Bless You,


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Day 0- Goal Making and Lil about Me

Today is day 0.  
Tomorrow I start Day 1 of my journey. 
Will I be successful or will I fail? Stayed tuned to find out.

This journey is me discovering who I am and what my passions are.  As you can tell by the page name.  I plan on teaching myself how to sew and also how to be a little more fit.  Right now I am around 190 lbs.  I have a basic knowledge of sewing.  I have inherited my one of my aunt's old sewing machines, Husqvarna Designer I.  I am use to sewing on a Singer Simple machine so this is a major step up from that. I took time today and wrote out my goals for the next 6 months and the next year.  

My Goals:
by July 1, 2017

  • Lose 30 lbs
  • Get a Job
  • Complete all my sewing projects I currently have cut out.
  • Drink 80 oz. of water each weekday
  • Walk a minimum of 5000 steps Sat-Sun and 15000 Mon-Fri
by Dec 1, 2017
  • Lose 60 lbs
  • Save $1000 ($20 a week)
  • Read through the whole Bible
  • Discover my mission work
  • Add Yoga into my weekly/ daily routine.
Some of these goals are very basic goals I know and others are a little more difficult.  I  am trying to stay motivated and I plan on becoming more accountable via my friends and this blog.  

May God Bless You,