Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Day 0- Goal Making and Lil about Me

Today is day 0.  
Tomorrow I start Day 1 of my journey. 
Will I be successful or will I fail? Stayed tuned to find out.

This journey is me discovering who I am and what my passions are.  As you can tell by the page name.  I plan on teaching myself how to sew and also how to be a little more fit.  Right now I am around 190 lbs.  I have a basic knowledge of sewing.  I have inherited my one of my aunt's old sewing machines, Husqvarna Designer I.  I am use to sewing on a Singer Simple machine so this is a major step up from that. I took time today and wrote out my goals for the next 6 months and the next year.  

My Goals:
by July 1, 2017

  • Lose 30 lbs
  • Get a Job
  • Complete all my sewing projects I currently have cut out.
  • Drink 80 oz. of water each weekday
  • Walk a minimum of 5000 steps Sat-Sun and 15000 Mon-Fri
by Dec 1, 2017
  • Lose 60 lbs
  • Save $1000 ($20 a week)
  • Read through the whole Bible
  • Discover my mission work
  • Add Yoga into my weekly/ daily routine.
Some of these goals are very basic goals I know and others are a little more difficult.  I  am trying to stay motivated and I plan on becoming more accountable via my friends and this blog.  

May God Bless You,


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